Advent prayer guide


How to use this Prayer Guide

What is provided for you here is a simple prayer and scripture guide, adapted from the Book of Common Prayer and Common Worship, that covers the course of the Advent season. It is meant to be used either individually or in a small group among your friends and family.

Each day begins with the daily prayer, called “the Collect”. Followed by a list of readings taken from the Lectionary and a brief reflection written by a Bloom Staff member. Lastly, we’ve provided a few suggested items to pray on with the Lord that day.

All of this is meant to be a suggested guide and order. Take it slow, building in moments for silence and wonder alongside the Spirit. If some days you only choose to sit with one of the readings and one of the prayer items, that is enough. If you want to respond by journaling, feel free to do so. If you want to have a conversation with someone close to you about what is stirred within you, do so. The hope is that this would open you to the presence of the Lord and that you would find new spaces of intimacy, wonder, peace, and joy with him. So let him guide you however and wherever he will.

Lastly, Advent and Christmas is a season that opens us to great generosity and hospitality. This season, we are inviting the Bloom community to give out of our abundance and even out of our lack, for the good of others and the mission of God. We have several different opportunities to do so: If you head to and click on the “give online” link you can give to our justice partners—iEmpathize, MetroCaring, or to Syrian Refugee relief. You can also choose to give directly to our Bloom family as we seek to live out the call and dream God has given us to this city.

As you remember and await the coming of our Lord and Savior—giving of your heart, money, and possessions—may he meet you with his wonder, joy, and love.

~ The Bloom Staff