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Fourth Sunday After the Epiphany

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I had so much fun talking with many of you after each service this weekend and hearing that you’ve been on a similar journey recently trying to ask questions about what it means to be the Church with the questions and realities our nation and world is facing right now.

Let me encourage you again, this is not too difficult a task for you because God has placed much in your hearts and is close to you. Stay close to him. Carve out 5 minutes here and 10 minutes there to bring yourself before the face of God, giving him all your concerns and all that you are hearing, ask him to move and act and wake us up. Go up on the mountain and remember who you are, who this Jesus is you follow, and that he promises to always be with us and lead us into the heart of his Kingdom. Let him silence the noise in your hearts and then let him tell you in the quiet who you are. He will lead you to how to act — whether it’s thoughtfully evaluating the way you spend your money or the things you buy; or if it’s giving your time to a student at Grant or turning to someone in your House Church and standing with them as they open themselves to God. He will meet you and speak to you, and he’ll send you back out into the crowds to fight for the blessed ones and to be the blessed ones.

The noise and chaos of the world will come and go, and come again. The questions humanity, both Christian and non-Christians alike, are asking about what it looks like to live the good life, to be truly human, and to live life together will continue. Let us do so together, with kindness toward our brothers and sisters and with our eyes set on Christ, who has made us in his image. Turn to the blessed ones, for they will always be among us. Listen to them. Fight for them. Walk with them. Give them what they need. Teach them how to live. Care for them. Let God use them to open your eyes to the Kingdom and it is there that you will find him afresh. And continually turn your lives towards the face of Christ, who sees you as the blessed ones too and is making it so within you, now and always.

Praying the Spirit’s peace and love over you today. May he strengthen you for all goodness. 

– Melissa