I’ve spent the last week packing all of my belongings into my car and moving from one place to another; and even though each house is just miles away from each other I’ve found all of this emotion bounce around within me. At one house there has been a lot of life lived: mail from loved ones opened, tears shed, naps taken, friendship shared, food cooked, tv watched, prayers prayed, laughter, and so forth. At the other house, nothing. I have no familiarity with it. I have no memories tied to this particular space I am now supposed to call home. I’m just supposed to make my bed there and start living.

As I’ve reflected on this experience, which in all actuality is farily common and doesn’t need to be so jarring, I think it can feel so emotional because it mirrors much of our lives. Whether of our own doing or that which has been done to us, it seems like sometimes we’re just dropped into altogether new territory. We find ourselves thrown into new space and we’re not supposed to complain about it or fight it we’re just supposed to make it work. Yet this weekend Bill talked about a different way of dealing with whatever life throws at us — whether it be anxieties, fears, wrongdoings, enemies, uncertainties, or longings. We are to pray, not flippantly or haphazardly or with trepidation, but openly and honestly. And his love will prevail in us and for us, all the while ordering us and teaching us to trust that we belong to him. That’s a different kind of living.

Bloom, as we find ourselves thrown into the wandering, strange season of Lent, my hope for us is that we would learn to pray as openly and honestly as we know how. At times it may be in utter praise. At other times it may be in silence. At others it may be full of frustration and complaint. Yet if what the Psalmist says is true, then our God is the one who will lead us with “unfailing love and faithfulness” and there is nothing we cannot bring to him. He will prove himself good. He will prove his way is right. And we will receive the gift of knowing the sure, steady, unchanging friendship that can only come from a God whose love is incomparable.

Draw close to him and trust him.