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Bloom Kids & Students

Our goals for our kids and students

We have a handful of objectives that guide our Bloom Kids and Bloom Students programming.

Our curriculum, in broad outline, like our main gathering, follows the Christian calendar in working through the Incarnation (in December) through the realities of Easter and Pentecost (in late Spring).  During the Summer and Fall months, we teach on a variety of things, from the rest of the biblical story to spiritual disciplines to how to hear God’s voice.  Our curriculum team works hard to create learning experiences that help usher our kids into the wide open spaces of Christian spirituality.


Learn the basic contours of the Biblical story


Learn the basic teachings of the church


Learn to engage God in prayer and worship


Learn to interact with one another with love and respect


Learn to appreciate and respond well to authority

Bloom Kids

All classrooms are staffed by at least two staff at any given time. We have created a safe, colorful and enjoyable atmosphere for children of all ages.

So if you’re thinking of visiting Bloom, bring your kids!


Your nursery age child will be shown the love of Christ through song, playtime and prayer. This is the starting point of children learning community with friends.


Your child will love everything the Bloom team has in store for them! Community continues with games, fellowship, Bible verses, crafts, and activities all based on God’s Word, taught at a child’s level in a small group format.

1st – 5th Grade

Students at this age will enter the Bloom Kids program to find a community with their peers and leaders who welcome them and become a presence in their lives. Kids jump right in and get involved in the large group “rally” where they learn foundational teaching of Christ through a Bible-based lesson, activities and games. Following the “rally” the kids participate in a small group time which provides further discussion and what it means to be a Christ-follower as a way of life.

Middle and High School Students

We believe middle and high school students are beginning to form their own ideas about who God is and who they are in light of him, while also beginning to contribute as adults in the life of the Church. Therefore, it is the role of the local church to come alongside these students to help guide and form their image of God, while also giving them opportunities to experience community, service, liturgy, prayer, etc.

During the morning gathering, on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of the month, all middle and high school students at Bloom are invited to their own Sunday Formation time, which includes community building, discussion of scripture, and prayer. (When appropriate, middle and high school students split during this formation time for their own specific discussions due to the different needs of each age group.) On the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month, students are encouraged to attend the larger Bloom gathering with their families for the purpose of growing in and experience the life and liturgy of the corporate Church. Additionally, each 4th Sunday, students join the student leadership team for a local service project in the greater Denver community.

All students, but especially high school students, are also encouraged to attend any house church they wish, fully participating in and contributing to the House Church and the life of the accompanying Section. They can attend these House Churches alongside their parents, friends, student leaders, or on their own. We also have seasonal formation retreats, a winter snow trip, and a summer adventure/servant leadership trip for our students. Lastly, the students host the Bloom gathering at regular intervals.