Bloom is a community of people committed to the good news of Jesus Christ. 

We believe what the global and historical Church has always held to be true: that in Jesus, God was and is healing his broken world. Together we hold out the good news of Jesus to all people until he returns, and God’s healing work is complete.

The local church is the practical result of this good news. Together we live in, celebrate, and extend to the world God’s healing love as we await God’s promise that all things lost and ruined by sin will be made new.

We gather as a total community for worship on Sunday evenings and in smaller groups in homes throughout the week (house churches). 

Our life together is shaped by the following commitments:


We were made for worship. One day, the Scripture says, all nations will bow in worship at the feet of Jesus. Worship is where we are headed. We are committed to regular patterns of worship that gather us up as God’s people and remind us Who we belong to, sending us back out into the world full of the Spirit, eager to serve.


The people of God are a praying people. Continually bringing themselves before the face of God, followers of Jesus enter into deep and satisfying communion with God, placing the world and its concerns in the light of his presence. We are committed to regular patterns of prayer, both corporately and individually, that place us before the face of God and the world in the light of his presence.

Shared Life

The local church is referred to as “the body of Christ” in which “each part belongs to all the others.” The good news of Jesus creates a people who share life together as a foretaste of what God intends for the whole world. We are committed to the joy and discipline of

a shared life together, refusing our culture’s obsession with individuality, ever opening our lives and hearts to each other in fresh ways.


The community of faith’s shared life is intended to open up, to fan out, and to draw in others to taste and see that the Lord is good. Those who do not yet know Jesus are the particular focus of the local church’s hospitality. We are committed to a life of hospitable friendship with those who are far off, that they too may experience the good news of the reconciling love of Jesus.


Each person called to friendship with Christ is commissioned to a life of service with him. Our gifts, talents, and energies are to be used for the good others to help build up justice, peace, and love both in the church and in the world. Within this life of service, Christianity calls us to a particular focus on the poor, the overlooked, the marginalized, and the oppressed. We are committed to a life of creative and courageous service wherever God places us, that the light of God’s kingdom would shine in the darkness.


To follow Christ is to place all of our life, including our possessions, at his disposal. Together with him, we seek to use our resources joyfully and generously for the good of others. We are committed to a life of generosity, contributing each as we are able both to the ministry of the local church and to those people and causes to which God may lead us.