Bloom Common Space Remodel

Cultivating a Space for Bloom

Thank you for your faithfulness to the life and ministry of Bloom Church.  As we enter 2019 we’re asking those in our community to donate over and above so that Bloom can remain financially strong and able to support our future ministry.This year, we will continue to build upon the vision shared at our Fall Launch.

We are excited for what this year holds for our community!

One special project for 2019 is the redesign of the Bloom Common Space (the room we all pass through to get to the Bloom Main Space).  As of now it is a bit dated, and it is not set up to serve our Bloom family as well as it could. If you’ve been around Bloom for some time, you know that our gatherings are a place where every person is welcome, wherever they are in their journey of faith and in their life. We would love that feeling of welcome to extend into the physical space, and so we are looking to create a room, an “entry hall” into our community, that reflects that value of welcome and hospitality. We are aiming to raise an additional $10,000 in our 2019 budget to use for the redesign of this space. You will continue to hear more about this project in the coming weeks. We’re encouraged that folks have stepped up to volunteer and to give towards this project already, so please do keep this in mind as you give.

Just a reminder that your gift is tax deductible, and gifts received will be included in your giving statement. You can find our 2019 budget here. Again, we want to say thank you for your support of the life and ministry of Bloom and all the families and individuals that make this community so beautiful.

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A study where the church is equipped and trained.


A living room where family gathers.


A foyer of hospitality and welcome for guests.

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Cultivating a Space for Bloom