To follow Christ is to place all of our life, including our possessions, at his disposal. Together with him, we seek to use our resources joyfully and generously for the good of others. We are committed to a life of generosity, contributing each as we are able both to the ministry of the local church and to those people and causes to which God may lead us.

Generosity is an assumed part of the life of the believer. Because God gave all for us, we are called to place all of our possessions at Godís disposal, for the good of others.

Generosity is how the character of the self-giving and utterly generous God is made manifest in us. It is a concrete and tangible way that his life comes into the world. Thus the words of Jesus: "It is more blessed to give than to receive". Generosity is also a core way that justice, peace, and love are built up in the world.

We see the commitment to generosity working itself out on two fronts:

1. We give to our local church, Bloom. The regular practice of tithing a percentage of our income helps support the work that God is doing among us.

2.  We give to those people and causes that the Spirit may lead us to give to. 




We believe that human life is indescribably precious, and that when the call to love our neighbors as ourselves goes into motion, the result is something we would name with words like "justice" and "mercy."  Our goal is to partner with and support the many beautiful expressions of neighbor-love we see both in our city and abroad. We have held that the work of Bloom is the work done by the people of Bloom. As a small church in a big city we are keenly aware that there are already a myriad of non-profit organizations and ministries that are reaching out to those in need, both in our city and around the world. Below is a brief list of NGO's with whom we align. Take a moment to get to know these organizations and the ways in which you can get involved in their work.

To learn more about how you can get involved, download the PDF below:

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Metro Caring

Metro Caring is passionate about solving problems related to hunger, both for hungry people and those at risk of hunger. They recognize that beyond the immediate need for food, there lies a greater need to combat a root cause of hunger - poverty. In addressing this challenge, Metro Caring offers a comprehensive suite of programming focused on Healthful Foods Access, Nutrition and Gardening Education, and Self-Sufficiency.


The White Helmets

As the conflict in Syria worsens, ordinary people are paying the highest price. More than 50 bombs and mortars a day land on some neighbourhoods in Syria. Many are rusty barrels filled with nails and explosives, rolled out the back of government helicopters -- bakeries and markets are the most commonly hit targets. When this happens the White Helmets rush in to search for life in the rubble - fully aware that more bombs may fall on the same site. These volunteers have saved 95,024 lives - and this number is growing daily.



Help-Portrait is a global movement of photographers, hairstylists and makeup artists using their time, tools and expertise to give back to those in need.