Bloom began as just a few friends that started meeting together at Michael and Lisa Gungor’s home. The Gungors moved to Denver at the end of 2006 from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Michael and Lisa had been music leaders at a large church for six years. They felt their hearts stirred to resign from that job and to move to Denver to learn how to live as the church in a new and more meaningful way.

Due to the traveling schedule of their band, they were rarely home on weekends, and had a hard time plugging into any churches in Denver.

So, in the summer of 2007, they began to have a monthly worship night with other believers in the area. During this time they became friends with some folks who were also interested in exploring fresh ways to be The Church. Bloom’s first House Church was born.

By the end of 2007, the House Church had grown a little too large for Michael and Lisa’s apartment. So they decided to plant another House Church and start a weekly gathering where the entire Bloom family could come together to worship. In February of 2008, Bloom began it’s weekly Sunday night gathering.

Since that time, Bloom’s original intuitions have continued to crystallize, clarify, and bear fruit – that if you “seek first the kingdom of God” fleshed out in lives and living rooms and neighborhoods, all the other stuff (church gatherings, growth, etc) “will be added to you.”

Our Values

Our values both flow from and guide our dreams. They begin with a vision of God, and culminate with a vision of the kind of world God desires to see.


God, the source and ground of all goodness, is beautiful (Ps 96:9). We believe that our desire for and orientation towards beauty is in fact a desire for and orientation towards God and the world is bringing about. Therefore, we celebrate beauty because we think that all beauty testifies towards the Beautiful (God), whose love and peace ever reigns, now and in the age to come.


Rooted to the historical Church, we believe that partaking in the life of the sacraments draws us ever into Christlikeness and are signs of receiving God’s sure and certain grace.

In baptism we are welcomed into life with God as his sons and daughters and inheritors of his Kingdom. In baptism, we are joined with the death and resurrection of Christ, forgiven of our sins, and given new life in the Holy Spirit.

In the celebration of the eucharist, we remember Christ’s life, death, and resurrection and upon receiving are empowered to become his broken body to the world, that all should come and feast on his call to repentance and love.

The lives we live, with the sacraments as anchors to our story, are then a window into all beauty of the Triune God and a shoot unto the world that all are beckoned to come and partake too.


We believe that as our lives together are increasingly oriented towards and drawn into God, they too become beautiful. The arc of Scripture bends towards a vision of comprehensive, cosmic love and peace, where the beauty of God is made manifest in all of life — our persons, communities, work, and resources. And thus we stand with the prophets of ancient Israel in believing that God’s dream is a world in which each human being is treated with the proper dignity to their being made in the image and likeness of God, and so our desire is to seek creative ways to partner with God in seeing that dream come to fruition, that God’s beautiful future would begin to take shape among us here and now.

Visit Bloom

Sundays at 10:30am and 5pm | 326 E Colorado Ave Denver, CO