Hosting a gathering

Thank you for hosting Bloom's Sunday gatherings. This site has all the information and resources that you will need when your House Church is preparing to host the gatherings. Feel free to contact if you have any issues or questions that arise. 

Three months out

  • Confirm your Hosting date on Planning Center Services (Coordinator)

three weeks out

  • Fill out Hosting Form for Bloom Kids Volunteers -Link:
    • 3 Bloom Kids volunteers to serve at Morning Gathering ONLY
    • To log in, scroll to the bottom and click on the link titled "House Church Leader Sign-in." Password: HCL326
    • Please submit this One week out

one week out

  • Decide who in your House Church will...
    • Read Scriptures (1 person)*
    • Lead the Prayers (1 Person) *
    • Greet (3 people)*
    • Serve Communion (4 people that can be the same as Scripture and Prayer readers)*
    • Set up (3 in Morning) and Tear Down (3 in Evening)*
      • *These roles may be shared by the same 4 people. Please note that the 3 people serving in Bloom Kids can help set up (Morning) and serve communion. Depending on the size of your house church you whole group can serve at both or you can split up to tackle each service in teams. 
  • Check-in Time
    • Hosting Morning: 8 a.m. 
    • Hosting Evening: 4 p.m. 
    • Please check in with Daniel when you arrive. The pre-service meeting will take place at 8:30 a.m. or 4:30 p.m., respectively. 


  • Link to Bloom Kids Hosting Form: 
  • Serving in Bloom Kids Guide Form: 
  • Reading Scripture Guide Form:
  • Reading Prayers Guide Form: 
  • Serving Communion Guide Form: 
  • Set Up/Tear Down Guide Form: