House Churches are communities of 10 to as many as 40 people which meet regularly for a meal, prayer, and mutual encouragement. They are one of the primary vehicles of our life together, and in them most if not all of our shared commitments find expression. House Churches will often host worship and prayer nights, frequently join together in service to the wider Bloom community and to the city in works of justice and mercy, and are always seeking to deepen their shared life together. They are beautiful, rich expressions of the body of Christ.

House Churches are led in community, consisting of co-leaders, a host, a coordinator, and often a leader-in-training. Every person seeking to become part of the Bloom community is encouraged to attend and eventually settle into a house church, becoming a contributing member. Many of our House Churches incorporate children, and those that do are indicated HERE.

House Churches are also clustered together in what we call “Sections.” Each Section of House Churches has a Section Leader who meets regularly with their House Church Leaders to see how things are going and also to cultivate a shared life in the Section itself, planning worship and prayer nights, social gatherings, and outreach events.

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