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On Ash Wednesday, all across the world, priests and pastors will stand before the people and read these words from the Book of Common Prayer: “I invite you, in the name of the church, to the observance of a holy Lent.” What this has meant for most of the life of the church is that the forty days leading up to Easter were marked as days in which the people returned to the Lord, through prayer and fasting, repentance and self-examination, and reading and meditating on God's word. These are the days in which the people of God make effort to turn their hearts to the Lord, opening up the whole of themselves to experience God's presence and to hear God's voice.

As an expression of the church here in Denver, we are joining with the church worldwide on this journey. We look forward to these days, because in the deepest places in us, we know that we have an aching need, and that is to know our God. To hear the voice of the one who knit us together and to receive the love of the one who found us and brought us back to himself is truly what we most desire, but so often that desire is drowned by the demands and the patterns that this world throws upon it.

But for these forty days... we listen to the deep places of our hearts, and we let them speak to us. We allow our desire to know the Lord find its way through us, and we make all things subject to that spiritual practice — to that silence and to that longing and to that place of prayer to which we are led.

In that spirit, the leadership of Bloom is calling our community to forty days of prayer. Our sermons in this season will focus on the appointed Psalms and speak to the journey of prayer, our equipping times will center around intercessory prayer, and our times of worship together will be places in which we can more deeply and richly experience prayer and this season of Lent together as a family.

I look forward to these days with you, Bloom. May you come to know the Lord in new and deeper ways.

- David

David Blankenship
Community Life & Development, Bloom Church


During Lent, the Bloom leadership has specifically felt a call for our community to give ourselves to God through prayer. So we'll have several opportunities to engage in new spaces of prayer.

Daily Prayer Guide

Alongside the global church, this is a short format for morning and evening prayer and scripture. It is intended to be done individually or together as a family or house church, and also includes space for contemplation and your own intercessions. We encourage you to use it to help set new times of prayer for you and also encourage our house churches to engage it together each week.

Weekly Prayer Guide

Wednesday Prayer @ 12:10pm

Wherever you are, join us live on Instagram for prayer together as a community. We will provide a simple format for prayer and you can submit your prayers and pray along with us. We hope you'll join us.


Along with the traditional observance of fasting on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, we are inviting the Bloom community to fast from sunup to sundown on each Wednesday during Lent. Our desire is that through clearing space in our hearts through prayer and fasting that the Lord would speak afresh to us. So instead of eating take each meal time to commit yourself to silence, prayer, and the scriptures. 


While Lent is a deeply self reflective season of the Church, it is also intended to awaken us to Christ's call for his Church to care for the poor. 663 million people around the world currently drink dirty water which is not only detrimental to the health of individuals but has negative effects on the other basic needs of individuals, families, and their local communities. In light of this need, this Lent we're inviting the Bloom family to give to Charity Water in order to help give our brothers and sisters clean water. You could even take the money you would have used for food and drink on your weekly fast to give to Charity Water.


Maundy Thursday -- 7pm in the Bloom Main Space

Good Friday -- 7pm in the Bloom Main Space

Easter Vigil -- 7pm in the Bloom Main Space

Easter Sunday Service -- 9am in the Bloom Main Space; 11am in the Hope Sanctuary