our story

If you want to know where we're going and who we are, you have to know where we've come from.

Bloom began as just a few friends that started meeting together at Michael and Lisa Gungor's home. The Gungors moved to Denver at the end of 2006 from Grand Rapids, Michigan, where Michael and Lisa had been music leaders at a large church for six years. They felt their hearts stirred to resign from that job and to move to Denver to learn how to live as the church in a new and more meaningful way.

Due to the traveling schedule of their band, they were rarely home on weekends, and had a hard time plugging into any churches in Denver. So, in the summer of 2007, they began to have a monthly worship night with other believers in the area.  During this time they became friends with some folks who were also interested in exploring fresh ways to be The Church. Bloom's first House Church was born.

By the end of 2007, the House Church had grown a little too large for Michael and Lisa's apartment. So they decided to plant another House Church and start a weekly gathering where the entire Bloom family could come together to worship. In February of 2008, Bloom began it's weekly Sunday night gathering.

Since that time, Bloom's original intuitions have continued to crystallize, clarify, and bear fruit - that if you "seek first the kingdom of God" fleshed out in lives and living rooms and neighborhoods, all the other stuff (church gatherings, growth, etc) "will be added to you."



Our values both flow from and guide our dreams. They begin with a vision of God, and culminate with a vision of the kind of world God desires to see.

Beauty // We value beauty because we think that God, the supreme source and ground of all Goodness, is beautiful (Ps 96:9).  We think that our desire for and orientation towards beauty is in fact a desire and orientation towards God.  We therefore celebrate beauty because we think that all beauty somehow testifies towards the Beautiful (God).

Formation (Discipleship) // As our lives are increasingly oriented towards and drawn into God, they too become beautiful.  Christ Jesus is the form of God's beauty, and as the Spirit's work in us is to bring us into the likeness of Jesus, so too our lives will take on an ever-increasing "divine aesthetics."

Community (Relationship) // Christianity is inevitably communal.  We believe that Jesus didn't come to write a book, but to start a community that would bear witness to his presence and work in all of life.  To cling to him is to cling to his people.  We therefore value community as intrinsic to the life of faith.

Sacredness of Work // The very first verb used in Scripture is "create" (Gen 1:1).  God brings his beautiful order to the chaos and then calls human beings to share with him and continue his work (Gen 2:15).  We believe that all human work is a deep expression of our image-of-Godness and is an important expression of our "priestly" ministry to the world.

Justice // Justice is the name of what happens when "love your neighbor as yourself" becomes concrete.  We stand with the prophets of ancient Israel in believing that God's dream is a world in which each human being is treated with the dignity proper to their being made in the image and likeness of God, and our desire is to seek creative ways to partner with God in seeing that dream come to fruition.

Shalom // "Shalom" is the Hebrew word for "peace."  It means something like everything in its place, flourishing as God intends.  The arc of Scripture bends towards a vision of comprehensive, cosmic shalom, where the beauty of God is made manifest in all of life, for everything and everyone.  Our living the way we have chosen to live is so that the shalom that is proper to God's future world would begin to take hold here and now.