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Guided Liturgy Podcast

Each week we pray, confess, discuss scripture, and worship together. This was originally created to be a space of connection for our community as we are separated during this time, and it's become a beautiful thing as we've journeyed forward. We encourage you to subscribe below and set aside some time each week to engage in the liturgy and the discussion.


Sunday Talks

Sermons from our Sunday Gatherings, recorded live in Denver, Colorado.


Being Bloom

The new Being Bloom Podcast is a space where the expression of our values and commitments from those in our community are celebrated and discussed. The first series focuses on the topic of depression and aloneness within the community of faith. Our hope is that this discussion helps create a space for a greater awareness of how issues of aloneness and depression affect, shape, and even inspire a community of faith.

ChurchCenter Online

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Bloomland is our online forum for connection. Please join in to share information, encouragement, prayer, and needs. Download the ChurchCenter mobile app and join the 'bloomland' group.

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